Chuck E Cheese Coupons

6 Chuck E Cheese Coupons ( May-01-2013 )

Chuck E Cheese Coupons
Print coupons for:
- Buy 100 tokens for $20
- 1 medium pizza 1-topping, 2 soft drinks, 30 tokens – $18.99
- 1 large pizza 1-topping, 4 soft drinks, 40 tokens – $24.99
- 1 large pizza, 1 all you can eat salad bar, 4 soft drinks, 60 tokens – $32.99
- 2 large pizzas, 1-topping, 5 soft drinks, 110 tokens – $49.99
- $2 off all you can eat salad bar (per person)
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Chuck e Cheese Sports Awards Coupons For Free Tokens
Several sports awards coupons for 10 free tokens..

10 Free Tokens Coupon – Rewards Calendar ( Ongoing )
This is a cute promotion from chuck e cheese which was submitted in the comments by Anne H. Thank you!

Note : Print the appropriate rewards calendar for your child, complete it and bring it to your local chuck e cheese’s restaurant for 10 free tokens. Unlike other coupons, it is 10 free tokens per child, not per family…

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